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Dean's Foreword

We Nurture Future Technologist and Leaders

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shafie Bin Mohamed Zabri

Welcome to the Faculty of Technology Management and Business. I believe you stumbled upon this page mainly because you are interested in finding out what Faculty of Technology Management and Business is all about and what we could offer. Let me introduce a little bit on the historical background of the faculty.

The faculty was established in 2001, known a Faculty of Technology Management our core is to provide management related undergraduate program that give focus to the technology management discipline.  From our humble beginning in 2003, the faculty offers only four (4) undergraduate programmes, the faculty has now offered five and six undergraduates  and postgraduate programmes, respectively.

In order to ensure our academic programmes achieve standards set by accreditation and professional bodies, all our academic programmes are accredited by the Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA). In addition, two of the undergraduate programmes are accredited by professional bodies; Chartered Institute of Building, United Kingdom (CIOB) for the Bachelor in Technology Management (Construction) and Bachelor in Real Estate Management are accredited by the Board of Valuer, Appraisers and Estate Agent, Malaysia (BoVAEA) and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor, United Kingdom (RICS).

At the faculty, our aim is to achieve a high level of quality in teaching and research that keep abreast with current technological changes. The faculty has always been committed to become an excellent faculty in leading education in technology management discipline in which we have set this as our vision. With such vision in mind, our programs are designed to educate students in a way that they will be able to be creative and innovative in solving problems as well as  critical and analytical in thinking approach. We are proud that our alumni are able to find jobs in public and private sectors, particularly in leading domestic as well as international conglomerates.

We welcome students from various age groups; young and mature. For those who are still young, we hope that you take the opportunity while you are here to  get involved with various academic and non-academic activities and be sure that there are unforgettable years ahead of you. For mature students, feel free to browse various postgraduate programmes that tailor to your needs, we offers a range of postgraduate courses from the taught course to fully research programmes. If you need further clarification to decide appropriate academic programmes that suit your need, our team is willing to help. All you need to do is call us or drop an email and we will try to provide the best assistance we can.

On behalf of the faculty members, welcome to the Faculty of Technology Management and Business and if you decide to be with us, we hope you have great and enjoyable moments filled with great discoveries, experiences and no disappointing moments.

Thank you very much.