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Sustainable Urban Development
Focus Group

  • Overview


      • Sustainable Urban Development: NUA; NLP; Land Use Policy;
      • Urban Regeneration: Urban Policy, Land Value Capture, Land use Financing.
      • Property Law: Land Policy, Waqf, and other related matters in Islamic law
      • Corporate Real Estate:
      • Property Valuation: Land Economics; Land Acquisition; Statutory Valuation; Plant & Machinery Valuation.


      No. FG Members Membership
      1 Associate Professor Dr Mohammad Tahir Sabit Principal *
      2 Professor Sr Dr David Martin Juanil Member *
      3 Professor Ismail Omar Member *
      4 Dr Sabariah Eni Member *
      5 Dr Abdul Jalil bin Omar Member *
      6 Pn Fazian Hashim Associate Member
      7 Dr Inderal Syhrul Associate Member
      8 Pn Zarinah Shamsudin Associate Member

      * The permanent researchers and their performance during 2017.

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