What to Pack?

Written by Super User. Posted in Pelajar Antarabangsa

The items that you must bring along with you to Malaysia and UTHM:

  1. A valid passport and other identification documents, such as identify card and birth certificate
  2. An air-ticket
  3. An offer letter
  4. Original documents of residence in Student Accommodation
  5. Cash
  6. Any prescribed drugs and medicine that you need to take.
  7. Personal items, such as toiletries, bath towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, electrical accessories, etc.
  8. Some recent passport-sized photographs
  9. Utensils (e.g. mug, fork, spoon, etc)
  10. Sports equipment (e.g. tennis racket, etc)
  11. National costume of your country
  12. If you already have a computer notebook, then bring it along.
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