Student Pass and Visa Requirements

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All foreign students are required to obtain an Entry Visa BEFORE entering Malaysia.


Should you accept the offer for admission and received the offer letter, please make necessary arrangements to apply for the entry visa from any nearest Malaysian Embassy/Consulate.


The arrangement of Student Pass application will be made only AFTER you are officially registered as a UTHM student and will take about 1 month AT LEAST for the Malaysian Immigration Department approval.


All students who have LESS than 1 month before the expiry date of their visa during the registration day shall bear all the costs of penalty incurred for processing their visa and student pass (in case of overstay).


For students holding a student pass from another Malaysian institution, please ensure you received the released letter and student pass cancellation has been made with the immigration department by the said institution.


Documents that is required for the student pass application consists of:


  1. A copy of international passport, (exclude blank pages)
  2. Two (2) pieces of passport size photographs
  3. A copy of Offer Letter from UTHM
  4. Release Letter (for students who have registered with other institution/university before registering at UTHM)
  5. Medical Check-up Report


(* Notes: The University reserved the rights to withdraw the offer or to terminate you from your study if you are found to suffer from or to be a carrier of contagious/infectious diseases, or to suffer from a medical condition requiring continuous medical care that will adversely affect your study at UTHM/Appendix C )


Fees regarding Students Pass are as follows:


  • Student Pass                          RM 60.00
  • Multiple Entry Visa                   RM 6.00 – RM 100.00

                      (According to country/Appendix A )

  • Duty Stamp                             RM 10.00
  • Journey Performed Visa         RM 20.00


(* Notes: The Malaysian Immigration Department also requires UTHM to sign a Personal Bond for and on behalf of the applicants/students binding the University for a certain said sum. Please refer to Appendix B for the personal bond fee. The amount will be reimbursed to the students after completion of study at UTHM)


Students with dependant are advised not to bring their dependant before obtaining the letter of approval from immigration department.

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